Instructions for Handling a Sensitive Soul

Instructions for Handling a Sensitive Soul:

1. Text her you love her, but only hit “send” when you can picture her smiling as she rereads your words for days to come. Because she will.

2. When you wake up to poems she’s sent you while you were sleeping, tell her that her language is lethal, that her words slay you with their beauty; don’t worry if you’re overdoing it– that’s not even a thing for her.

3. Believe her when she throws you bold compliments from her hammock at night. She means every one of them.

4. Enjoy the awkward lulls in your phone conversations–the intimate exchanges of breath and crickets along the bandwidth that keep her feeling connected to you, even more so than words.

5. Give her fair warning when you send a photo of yourself in a baseball cap– or else she may end up lost on her bike on a bridge in the pouring rain, trying to keep her wits about her and her phone dry.

6. When she digs her heels into the ground about something, guide her gently by the shoulders to the nearest mirror and tell her just how adorable she looks when she’s acting like an ass.

7. Remember that she’s a Leo, and that petting her is the best way to tame her feline ferocity. If you can stand it, let her nibble at your ego from time to time, so she can feel her own power between her teeth. Let her roar and purr, and enjoy the breeze from both. And when she starts to feel caged in, watch the circles form beneath her paws– she’ll soon tire out and you’ll both realize that because of love, she will always be uncontainable.

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